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The newest addition to the Ficke Cook family is Miss Molly Finn, a Maine Coon-munchkin-tabby mix rescue who settled in on August 13, 2017.  Her older "sister" Jade, passed away in June 2017 at age 13. Molly Finn is just a year old, but a very old soul.

Molly is helping me work on the newest Miss Lulabelle Lavinia Lafontaine 3 story series due at the beginning of 2018. The stories introduce Miss Lulabelle in 1997, along with many of the characters in the Sanderson Series, four books which were the first I've written. So we are literally going back in time to set the background for the four book series. Right now, these are novellas and will probably be published as a collection. No title as of yet, but it will be catchy.

Lulabelle and her friends will be solving crimes, murders and espionage.  And she moves from St. Louis back to Bemidji finding herself in the middle of a theft, a string of murders and more mayhem than usual - for her.  Stay tuned.

This page is under construction again, so bear with me.  I'm listing some of the books, which you can find on and the e-books at

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