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Information on the Books....

Here is the listing of my books, both in print and in eBook format.  Paperback books are from and the eBooks are from  As of the end of August 2012, Northwoods Forest Mystery will no longer be in print, but check your local book sellers for the remainder of their stock.  It will become an eBook in September.  Eventually all books will be in both formats.  Also Death Across the Pond will be an eBook sometime around the first of the year (2014).

If you don't have an eReader, not to worry.  You can read my books on your computer, laptop or any eReader.  I put the books in all formats for ease of reading and these books are priced very reasonably - from $.99 to $3.99.

I write in the genre of fiction, specifically crime drama, mystery and romance and eventually there will be children's books.  So I run the gamut of literary styles.  One thing I do not have in my books is sex.  No smut - nada. The reason for this is I originally wrote my first book in response to a mother's forum which wanted exciting books without overt sexuality.  Oh, I include plenty of romance, love and passion....but not tipping over the bounds of propriety.  There are adult themes in my books, and because they are crime dramas, there can be violence and adult humour.  My books would probably appeal to those over 16 and mostly for adults.

There are two new books almost complete and will be launched on in January or February.  Prices will be $2.99 for each.  Titles will be, The Remodel and Murder at Bosworth Field.  Both are mysteries.  No weddings, one funeral, lots of mystery!!!
And someone new in the family, Miss Jade.  She's nine years old, a rescue kitty who has gorgeous Jade Green eyes!!  She definitely has her own ideas of how to own me and frankly, I just let her!!!  She hasn't made it into a novel yet, but give me time to write a character for her!
On a sadder note, my husband, Leonard Michael "Mick" Cook passed away June 1st 2013 from a massive heart attack.  He was 63 and had gone back to England to prepare a home for us to live in retirement.  This was totally unexpected and I am thankful he and I maintained a constant loving and close relationship.  He is buried with his parents in Moston, Oldham, Lancs.
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